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LOHAS vegetarianism,the innovation from OIL WELL ENTERPRISES

The documentary film Cowspiracy, produced by the world’s famous movie star Leonardo DiCaprio. It uncovers how animal agriculture causes major impact on environment. The industry is responsible for more greenhouse gases rather than the emission from aircraft, trains and cars, the sum of all means of transportation. It is the primary driver of global warming. After the broadcast in 2016, the world has also started of the trend of vegan diet.

The global vegetarian population more and more, Taipei City, the world's top ten vegetarian capital. In addition to the usual "religious elements", the "environmental protection" and "health" are the major spindles of the development of the vegetarian industry in recent years. According to the study confirmed that vegetarian foods rich in fiber, can reduce obesity or constipation, reduce heart disease, high blood pressure, cancer and other diseases, so more and more people change their eating habits, choose vegetarian life.

Innovation for Lacto vegetarianism

OIL WELL ENTERPRISES Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of baking oil and fat. Our products are mainly for breads, cakes, Chinese pastry, western biscuits, stuffing, etc. Margarine was invented in Europe to replace butter known as pricey and hard to preserve.

Butter has been playing an important role in baking and dining because of its incomparable scent. However, the baking oil could be omega-3 and Omega-6-rich vegetable oil (such as olive oil, sunflower oil and canola oil, etc.) nowadays because of the upgrade in refining technology. Also, pure vegetable oils do not contain cholesterol and less saturated fat. In Europe and the United States, they have been considered as ideal alternatives to butter.

Manufacturing of pure vegetable baking oil is a rare technology, besides using good raw materials, but also using the best European baking oil pinching technology to turn the liquid vegetable oil into a smooth bright white half of cream under the high pressure and low temperature environment, and then ripen it in the storage with appropriate temperature, it is just like red wine in general. After waiting and ripening, it can be made into crystal oil with good ductility and flavor.

To be a vegetarian to protect the environment

Baking oil in Europe, the United States and Japan is baking industry’s best partner regarding raw materials. OIL WELL ENTERPRISES Ltd. is the first and the only pure vegetable baking oil manufacturer in Taiwan. We produce excellent quality baking oil with sophisticated equipment and decades of professional experiences.