Brand story

全國第一家Halal清真認證,通過慈悅Clean Label潔淨評鑑 專業OEM烘焙油脂廠

The oil refinery is located in Kaohsiung’s Daliao district. Dozens of five-story large storage tanks stand, there filled with various delicious oils from all over the world. On the production lines, the staffs with dust-free clothing, hoods and masks are in place for the operation. The warm and soft baking aroma flowing in the cold working area.

This is exactly the situation at the current refinery.

New leadership focuses on operation

Together with new operation team, the 30-year oil and fat refinery positions itself in the lacto vegetarian baking field to meet the growing demand from vegetarian customers.

Chang-Sheng Su, the chairman of OIL WELL ENTERPRISES started from the construction industry and helped a lot of people to develop their dream houses. After so many years of hardworking, he started to chase his first dreams being a cook who manages delicious dishes for the family.

However, his stage is never in the kitchen. With familiarity and love with foods, he devoted to import excellent vegetable oils, including palm oil, coconut oil, etc. After reconciling, to refine the best edible and baking oils.

Oil, the magician of foods

We recruited dozens of more than 30 years of experience old masters and an excellent research team continuously developing the best proportion of healthy ingredients with the latest equipment, precise quality control and strict environmental sanitation.