oil well

We provide premium quality margarine oils.

Professional Customized Service

With professional supports from our R&D team, we can produce the best baking oil through different proportions of raw materials. Customization service is provided to customer who requests special flavors. Please contact us for more information!

Quality Assurance

We are the first and the only pure vegetable baking oil manufacturer in Taiwan. In order to let more people understand the importance of food’s safety, we invite you to visit us to witness our effort on quality control.


Grease is the magician of food.

Oil is the magician of taste.

Well Fu company recruited dozens of 20 years of experience with the old master, the deployment of the best proportion of healthy ingredients, and the latest production equipment, sophisticated quality control, strict environmental health, and constantly develop high-quality delicious oil products.



The first Halal certified baking grease factory in the country, and passed the Clean Label . Halal and Clean Label have extremely high standards for food health, safety and hygiene, and more and more consumers choose halal and clean certified foods. Oilwell provides high-quality edible oil, insists on making pure milk vegetarian oil, natural, clean, safe, professional and customized, Please feel free to contact us.